NO.1 팝업스토어, 한남동 유엔빌리지 - CAVA LIFE

NO.1 Pop-up Store, Hannam-dong UN Village

CAVA LIFE 1st pop-up store <CAVA LIFE IS HERE>

2018.04.13 FRI - 05.05 SAT
An online store announcing the launch of CAVA Life and a pop-up store <CAVA LIFE IS HERE!> held in a residential area of ​​UN Village in Hannam-dong were opened for the first time. The works of 52 notable young Korean artists representing various genres, including furniture, design, photography, graphics, crafts, video art, fabric, and plants, were presented in one place.

Participating artists:

Gloryhole, Kim Gyeong-tae, Kim Young-na, Kim Yun-ha, Kim Jin-sik Shin, Shin Seon-hye , wave plant, paper press, notation, halominium, SAKI, Studio COM, Studio Millionroses, Studio Tiel, Yalu by Whistle

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