No.2 팝업스토어, 라이즈호텔 - CAVA LIFE

No.2 Pop-up Store, Rise Hotel

CAVA LIFE 2nd pop-up store <Layers>

2018.10.18 THU - 10.31 WED
Cava Life's second pop-up store was an attempt to materialize 'intangible' digital works. We introduced 46 artists who showcase non-material works such as graphic design, video art, music, and performance, and reorganized their works into various merchandise. Artists dismantle digital works that existed flat beyond the monitor and create digital packs (ai packs) that reconstruct them in layers, objects that materialize stories and concepts (doormats, stickers, lenticular postcards, etc.), mobile apps or screens. They were sold as 'products' with new usability, such as products converted into sabers, games, etc., and reusable sound sources.

Participating artists:

Beautiful Disco, Park Boma, Bowyer Lee Hwa-young, Balming Tiger Byeong-eon, Camelo, CIFIKA, company eobchae, Kim Jeong-tae, Glam Gould, Yang Hee-jae, Hukky Shibaseki, Koo Ja-myeong, JNS, Azalea Park Woo-hyuk, Lee Jin-woo, Lee Ji-su, Lee Ji-hee, Juniorchef, Jun-ri, Kirin, Ryu Kyung-ho, Han Man-oh, Matkkalson, May Kim, Yang Min-young, Melt Mirror, Bae Min-ki, Ham Min-ju, Kim Young-na, Na Hana, Oh Hye-jin, Pang Pang Pang Graphic Lab, Park Da-ham, Yong Sera, SERIOUS HUNGER Song Min-jeong, Song Young-nam, DTSQ Kim Soo-hyun, Ryu Seong-sil, Tae-Seok Park x So-Hyun Lee, Viann, Works, Ye-Hwan Song, Yoon-Ki Kim

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