No.9 팝업스토어, 라이즈호텔 스위트룸 - CAVA LIFE

No.9 Pop-up Store, Rise Hotel Suite

2021. 1 CAVALIFE 9th pop-up store <Artist’s Room 2nd>

'ARTISTS' ROOM', a collaborative project between Rise Hotel and Cava Life, marks its second series with printmaker Choi Kyeong-ju and photographer Hasisi Park. The two-person exhibition by the two artists held at CAVA SUITE, located in room 1502, is scheduled to be presented from November 5, 2020 to January 14, 2021 under the title <Dot & Blur>.
The two artists carry out their own work and unfold it together based on the conversations they have had about each other's childhood and recent past, and the memories they have shared through this, and the results are left like small clues throughout issue 1502. The two focused on the fact that the dot and blur technique, which is also a filter method, is similar to the way memory works, and used photos, carpets, blankets, The story is told through media such as vases, cushions, and lighting.
Viewing takes place through the process of inferring and connecting the different memory methods of photographers and printmakers and the stories of each work, which will evoke a new sense of nostalgia along with the special sense of space of a hotel room with a universal emotion of the past.

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