CRAPPYROOM is a brand run by a crappy designer.
Crappy means ‘lousy’ and contains a preemptive excuse for not (not being able to) make something perfect. If someone tackles you about design, you can say, “Eh, I told you I was a ‘lousy designer’ in the first place.” Groundbreaking, right?
The Crappy Room brings this ‘badness’ upon itself and is interested in things that are distorted or lacking in some way, whether in terms of planning or visuals. This is because things with one screw missing can be much more attractive than things that are too perfect.
In addition, we plan stories that honestly reflect the operator's dissatisfaction with the world and his tendency to enjoy black humor, and we express them through unique graphics and include them in various products such as clothing and stationery.
The representative product that contains the Crappy Room's identity is the CRAPPY IDEABOOK, which has the words 'Write your lame idea here' on the cover.
There is a hole on the cover of this exercise book, and through it you can see a person with a calm expression. The twist is that if you open the cover, you can see the person in a so-called 'shit' situation.