[Order & Payment] How do I cancel an order?

CAVA  introduces and sells a variety of artists' art work and products. The shop is consisted of original art work and made to order products. A simple change of heart cancellation, exchange, return, and refund is not granted. But, an order can be cancelled within 24hours of purchase.

[Exchange& Refund] 제품이 불량인 경우 어떻게 교환/환불 할 수 있나요?

Please inform CAVA for any  damaged, or defected products. In order to verify the collected product, please submit one photo of the whole product, and one photo each of damaged/defected parts by email or 1:1 chat.

[Shipping] When does the order ship?

Orders will ship within 14days, but please check the individual shipping terms when submitting the order. Original products will ship within 14days, and made to order products may take longer. Each product may have a different shipping terms so please check the detailed information per each product. We also offer order progress through KakaoTalk Plus Friends App.


[Order/Payment] I want to make changes to the existing order.

If it is within 24hours of submitting an order, you may cancel the order and resubmit another order. We can also assist you through 1:1chat.


[Shipping] How do I track the shipment?

You may track an order once the courier info is registered in our system.


[Product Inquiry] I have questions about a product prior to submitting an order.

For any product, payment, or shipping questions, please use our 1:1 chat or call our customer service.


[Exchange/Return] How long does it take before getting a refund?

It depends of the form on payment, but usually takes between 2-5 business days.


[Order/Payment]  Why is it hard to cancel an order?

It is not possible to cancel a made to order product once the work begins. We ask for the 24hour cancellation policy to be agreed upon prior to making any purchases. This is to prevent any losses to the seller by simple change of heart cancellation, exchange, and return.


[Shipping] A wrong product has been shipped.

Please visit MY PAGE > Order Details and confirm your order first, then contact us by 1:1chat or the customer service center.


[Other] I want to register as a seller/partner with CAVA.

Please contact us through the 1:1 chat or email:

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