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Cover to prevent night dew in summer

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작품타입  Finished

Choi Ji-won, 2023, ‘Cover to block night dew in summer’, 53x34cm, pigment on paper.

→Introduction of the author

Jiwon Choi (b. 1991) is a visual artist who tells stories through drawing, painting, and interdisciplinary arts. His work uses the motif of 'instant impression' and explores painting in a more sensuous way. Through painting, I seek out areas of sensory experience that are difficult to define and are difficult to define, and place importance on the inner center. The artist begins by facing a white canvas with the question, ‘What color will the painting have?’ The seeds of curiosity take root through selected colors, shapes, and endless imagination. The author spends a lot of time building an internal environment where he can focus solely on himself and his explorations, and the imaginative attitude under this balance becomes the author's unique joy and essence.

→Introduction of work

The work ‘Cover that blocks night dew in summer’ is a work painted with mixed pigments on paper. The image the author felt while staying in the forest in the summer became the motif. The desire to be minimally separated from the dew on the blades of grass and the sounds of birds in the morning, and to permeate naturally, is expressed in warm colors through a 'thin membrane'.

크기(cm) 및 무게



Pigment on paper



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Jiwon Choi Jiwon Choi | General

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