The part of the seorak mountain
The part of the seorak mountain
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Product Detail
"Misty mountain" objects capture the part of the mountain as a miniature version of the Seoraksan series.

Edition, 100

_Cement version
The part of Seoraksan Mountain is randomly produced in 8 different shapes.

Each item will be manufactured upon order. Due to the nature of manual work, the size and color of the material, the shape of the acid, and the fog may not be the same as the image

Due to the nature of resin materials, prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays can cause macular degeneration or deformation. The resin process can produce fine pinholes caused by dust, bubbles, and bubbles, and may show some joints. This is a natural phenomenon depending on the production process and that does not a defect.

Size: 10 x 10 x 7.5 (cm)
Weight: 900g
Material: Resin, cement
Artist Detail

Ahyun Jeon's work begins with nature. Inspiration from nature is expressed as an object or furniture through various materials such as cement, wood, and resin.

In the artist's series, "Misty mountain" captures the image of a deep mountain. By melting the deep landscape of the mountain that like ink painting into furniture and an object, it is intended not only to feel comfortable in the stillness of the deep mountain but also to enjoy nature indoors.
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$ 350.31
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The part of the seorak mountain
Ahyun Jeon
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