Nut bloom incense holder
Nut bloom incense holder
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Product Detail
The nut bloom is the only object that has no same shape.
An essence holder with the motif of petal shapes, as it means "bloom: bloom."
It is an object with achromatic colors applied to the curved shape of unformal petals to highlight its weight and beauty.
All nut bloomers are hand-made one by one, and this regular form adds individuality and weight.
One product is beautiful in itself, but layered use is more beautiful.
-It currently takes about two to three weeks to deliver.
- Due to the nature of ceramics, bubbles, glaze marks, etc. are natural phenomena and are not defective.
(The white high-quality white may have a hole as small as the ballpoint of a ballpoint pen, which is covered in black and called a pinhole phenomenon.)
If you are sensitive to glaze flow and bubble pinhole, please check and purchase carefully.
-It's made by hand, so the size and weight are all different.

Size: 11*3.5
Weight: 210g
Material: ceramic
Artist Detail

자연에서 볼 수 있는 비정형적인 아름다움을 기반으로 nut만의 색화장토를 이용하여 단 하나뿐인 색감으로 완성 시킵니다.
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$ 22.38
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