detach attach soap objet
detach attach soap objet
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Product Detail
Detach Attatch is a soap object based on "relationship."
We live in various relationships. I thought about how to exist in that relationship.
Establishing a harmonized (attach) relationship while keeping one's own uniqueness independent(detach) in various relationships in the world. The form of the relationship was put in a detatch soap object.

Size: blue(6x6x6), green(4.5x4.5x5.5), yellow(6x6x6), red(5x5x5)
Weight: blue(128g, 건조89g), green(133g, 건조90g), yellow(82g, 건조55g), red(148g, 건조100g)
Material: soap
Artist Detail

Sinoak means 'Permeate' Including the characteristics of the soap we make, we want the messages and objects we make to permeate the public and coexist.
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