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It embodies Nike the goddess of victory.
It gave a lively impression as if transforming from a traditional gourd-type jar to a confident and powerful beautiful curved figure.
You can use it as an object or vase.

Size: 약 15X15X50(cm)
Material: Ceramic
Artist Detail

relíé studio is combines and utilizes various materials using the symbolism inherent in traditional crafts and art representing Eastern and Western human culture.
Develop a creative design living off-set that stimulates emotions, including tableware.

re + -lié = ఇ യ
Re-connect. (compound word)
Introducing a new form of tradition that connects time and history of the past by allowing modern people to permeate valuable and unique cultural heritages that are increasingly forgotten and can only be seen in certain spaces and times into their daily lives.
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$ 462.69
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