Womb and Ovary no.2
Womb and Ovary no.2
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It's started with the land and human project, womb and ovary is extracted from it, and it's made into an object. Made of fabric and thread, and it is filled with cotton.

I draw and materialize the figure of the womb that
bears the seeds of man, and the ovary that bears the seeds of plants by returning to the origin
of the naked land and human. Womb becomes the ovary, ovary becomes womb and bears
fruit rooting down on earth.

Size: 30 * 40 cm
Material: fabric and thread
Artist Detail

Extract an image from a concept, an object from an image.

I like to think and work on the boundaries of matter and non-materials, visibility and invisibility, reality and spiritual world

I recently worked on "Womb and Ovary," and "Land and Human."
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$ 135.73
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