Mini square candle set (3p)
Mini square candle set (3p)
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작고 귀여운 사각형 모양의 캔들입니다.
하나보단 여러개가 모여있을 때 더 귀여운 캔들입니다.

dc type color : white, ceramic, cement

드로잉캔들의 시그니처 색상을 모두 보실 수 있는 컬러조합입니다.

*******fragrance type

- fruity floral : 달콤, 상큼, 파우더리한 향

(tunisian bitter orange, sweet peach, jasmine tea, rose petals, sambac jasmine, magnolia, warm amber, mahogany wood, heady musk)

- aromatic woody : 시원한 허브, 중성적인 향

(calabria lemon, bergamot, cypress, basil, eucalyptus, jasmin, rose, vetiver, musk, cedarwood, amber)

- floral : 상쾌하고 깨끗한 비누향

(black pepper, citrus zest, white lily, violet leaves, freesia, peony, honeycomb, jasmine petals, sheet amber)

- green citrus : 싱그럽고 산뜻한 그린 향

(lemon, mandarin, bergamot, green tea, jasmine, white musk)

Size: 3x3x4 cm
Weight: 26g x 3piece
Material: 100% Soy wax, 100% cotton wick, fragrance oil
Artist Detail

We draw, make things.
We only use the best ingredients.

DrawingCandle design a shape soft curve and line like we draw. we are the brand making handmade candles and objets which you can feel the time and fragrance.
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$ 15.05
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