'Triangle,Circle' Lamp
'Triangle,Circle' Lamp
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기하도형인 세모와 원형을 교차배열하여 형태를 디자인 및 제작했으며, 빛이 원형의 아크릴을 타고 흘러 은은하게 전달되는 조명입니다.

The shape was designed and produced by arranging the geometric triangles and circles cross, and the light flows through the circular acrylic and is transmitted soft

Size: 36X13X30
Weight: 3KG
Material: Aluminium, Arcylic, Brass, Led Kit
Artist Detail

Studio Yoon is a brand that creates objects based on simple, mechanical, and abstract images based on geometric shape, and presents overall lifestyle items for various lives.
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$ 598.10
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