Coveralls for the worldwide workers
Coveralls for the worldwide workers
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Coveralls for the worldwide workers

Cotton 100%
Navy, Red

I think the people who can show their individuality well are the ones who can focus on their work.
Writers, cooks, tattooists, potters, designers, etc.
The world of workers is so wide and diverse.
I was thinking about what clothes I had for them, and I thought, "Why are work clothes always aprons, or useless clothes to throw away soon?"

As a person who once worked on the genre of sculpture, I know it's common to take off dirty work clothes and go out for a while.

I thought that beautiful working clothes that fit my body and suit my taste would allow me to go out confidently without taking off my work clothes even if they get dirty, and I could be more proud and confident in my work.

The overall silhouette of "Coveralls for the worldwide workers" looks like the curve and the straight line are harmonized by utilizing the oriental line, and it has a long back gap, so you can move comfortably.
There is a hole in the waistline of both work clothes to put the string in, so you can put the string in either direction and adjust it to fit your body.

(Please let me know if you want to make it in a different material or color. )

Size: 60*125
Material: Cotton 100%
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KIRINIJI의 제품은 모두 직접 디자인하고 재봉합니다.
원단이 옷이 되는 과정은 정말 짜릿해요.
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Coveralls for the worldwide workers_RED

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