<Sem (feat. Minje)> Digital Snack
<Sem (feat. Minje)> Digital Snack
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Sem (feat. Minje)' is one of the songs not included in Xin Seha's new album <1000>.
At some point in time, I was disturbed by my useless thoughts and feelings, interrupting my work or life.
I have turned away from them, and at some point I started facing them.
As I followed these countless miscellaneous thoughts, it seemed that the form of “I” faint.
I decided to accept it simply, when I thought that denying them is also denying my existence,.
Since then, this whole process has started to look right. This song is based on this experience.

Sound Duration : 2’48”
Package : Lenticular Card (QR code included), Biodegradable packing peanuts, Plastic

* Music and Video pieces are available in mp3, wav, and mp4 format and they can be downloaded using the QR code included in the package. For commercial use, please contact info@ca-va.life. Unauthorized use may be punished for violating copyright laws.
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Xin Seha is a Seoul based synth pop and funk singer-songwriter.
Beginning with the production of Kim Ail's <Boylife> album in 2014, he released his debut album <24Town> in 2015 and two EPs <7F>, <Airway>, and the second full length album <1000> in October 2019. In turn, he presents a variety of personalities with music and images that clearly distinguish himself from other musicians.
His collaboration with Uhm Jung-hwa, Kiha and The Faces, Anda, Sumin, and many other artists represents his unique steps crossing the boundaries of the K-POP scene.
In addition, he has been active in various fields, including various festivals in Korea, including Jisan Rock Festival, SeMA Biennale performances, film <12>, and <I>.
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