Into the Woods
Into the Woods
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Product Detail
Forest is full of various plants.
This is a sterling silver utensil set for desserts in different leaves forms.
All the different forms are harmonizingly gathered in one place just like a forest.
This is delicately crafted silver flatware, set of 9 pieces.

Size: 47x230x17mm, 32x185x5mm, 15x140x5mm, 58x205x8mm, 20x165x10mm, 37x235x10mm, 20x145x10mm, 27x185x8mm, 29x143x4mm
Material: 925 Silver
Artist Detail

Atelier Jee In introduces the work of a metalsmithing artist Jee-In Hyung.
From ornaments to spoon-like utensils and objects, my work is about adding sparkles to our daily life.
I believe in the power of small objects and focus on their value.
The little object can and will make our daily life a little bit more extraordinary.
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