A Pouch-1 / 15 inch unit
A Pouch-1 / 15 inch unit
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Product Detail
A Pouch-1

LCD(Liquid Crystal Display) Storage Box.
+ Package title - BATH.mp4


15 inch unit

A study on the physical properties of liquid crystals.
This is a modified backlight unit and 15-inch crack liquid crystal cell storage box when disassembling and reassembling the LCD structure.

*Note: The shape created by the liquid crystal deforms over time and over time, and will eventually be destroyed.

Size: 37x7x25
Weight: 3kg
Material: acrylic, LCD, wire protection cap, power adapter, paper box, cable tie
Artist Detail

His work starts from questioning the possibility of separating humans from the media.
He is interested in the limitations and errors of computer hardware, software, LCD panels...etc and studies the reassembled images or shapes of these items.
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$ 356.43
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