Under The Sea series - Lamp 03
Under The Sea series - Lamp 03
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The third lamp in the Under The Sea series, imitating the shape of seaweed.

Size: 40x20x78 cm (비정형형태)
Weight: 8kg
Material: Mixed media (Colored stone, resin etc)
Artist Detail

Journey into the New World of Objects

The modern world is a society in which natural human phenomena are controlled by manners and etiquette. It controls the natural and primitive human emotions and behaviors through rules that civilized people must follow, such as "the right posture" and "food etiquette". It also affects things in our daily lives. Perfectly calculated, everything is equally stylized…

My work begins based on pure human emotions. I focused on the feelings that come from the "unfamiliar". They bring out natural senses and emotions in everyday life with interest and pleasure from something unexpected rather than expected.

So, what about a world where rules, order, and calculations are dismantled? Objects made of organic shapes imitating nature, irregular arrangements, stimulating colors, and various materials induce users to experience primitive objects outside the control of civilization.

The moment we encounter something unfamiliar, we observe and analyze it with particular interest. Curiosity arising from the unknown sharpens our senses. As long as you focus on something new, you have to stay in an unknown world made up of imagination and guesswork out of the ordinary.

Stimulating the essence with primal senses and emotions rather than reason and knowledge, materials that are generally not used, intense color combinations, and unpredictable organic forms are the works I want to show the unknown world.
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$ 2,136.06
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