One series Shelves
One series Shelves
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Limited resources like materials and methods sometimes stimulate designer's imagination.
One series uses a single sheet of metal without waste so that it creates novel aesthetic and functional relationship by minimizing the making process. In One shelves, I try to find another story by interpreting the same concept perpendicularly. Function of object is naturally defined by crossing shapes. One side is open shelves and the other side is closed space with three walls. By making this unique structure, I want to show various ways that people treat objects.

Size: W450mm X L900mm X H1200mm
Weight: about 50kg 이상
Material: Black Steel, Rust texture, Waxed finished
Artist Detail

From designing process, Dong Hoon Sohn is working beyond the limits of material and form by finding a point of contact between plans and variables. He graduated from the Design Department at the Korea National University of Arts. Now, he is the founder and designer of ATELIER SOHN and gained experience as a designer at Samsung Electronics. He has shown his works at international exhibitions such as Milan Design Week, Paris Design Week, Basel World, and Gwangju Design Biennale, and graduated from the DESIGN FOR LUXURY AND CRAFTSMANSHIP master's course at ECAL in 2017. So far, he has carried out successful collaboration projects with global luxury brands such as VACHERON CON-STANTIN, CHRISTOFLE, CHOPARD, HOTEL TROIS COURONES. Like this, he can do not only technology-based IT product design but also art direction, product, and object. He also has proven his value as a designer in the living and luxury industries.
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$ 5,755.40
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