Dead Wood Handle Bowl
Dead Wood Handle Bowl
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Size: .
Material: 99% gold, mixed soil, driftwood
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The way I work is to begin with small creations and, through my own process of asceticism, my work evolves naturally into a bigger clod.

In paintings, dots and short lines are piled up upon one another, thereby creating their final form. The same goes for clay and its way of expressing a solid body.

Very fine clay particles, which look like dust or certain powders, become one clod of a sculpture by water which serves as glaze. The water evaporates when it is met with fire. Small air bubbles in clay particles, which we can’t see with our bare eyes, are delicately filled up with another layer of glaze.

Repeating this process of finding cracks and filling them up requires an unconscious practice of asceticism.
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$ 497.92
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