Future Book Series / Styling / 1-1
Future Book Series / Styling / 1-1
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From some point on, styling began to be controlled by the brand list.
Most of the looks are not unique to the creators who create the styling, but rather are based on brands and trends that reflect the trend of the times.

The essence of styling is to create a new look by recombining various existing materials, which in turn makes the object look great.

I found an important point here.

That's why a sensible creator, a progressive, innovative person, will be able to create a better look in the process of playing with not only high-end brands but also other materials. From the point of view of playing with ingredients, there is no limit to the wonderful look that can be made in the process.

That's why we needed people to play with a variety of materials to make a look.
Active stylists are good, and creative directors, designers, handmakers, students and everything else.

Above all, I wanted to satisfy their desire for creativity.

"One look has the power to create one trend."

As the name of this project, we start by creating a kind of styling guide book that can present the future of advancing fashion.
So that the looks we've created can be a model for someone, and permeate their creativity.

Size: 21.0cm*29.7cm*1.2cm
Weight: 900g
Material: Coated Paper(Matte Coating), Lapping
Artist Detail

Future Book Series is a utility book based in the area of art creation.

The most important key value of this is not collecting creations according to trends.
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