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Product Detail
It is a product designed with No.8 in Bminor signature crack in all lines including the outline.

This product is a work that contains unpredictable cracks, and the image and the gap, length, etc. of the cracks are different for each, so it is produced as a one-of-a-kind product for the customer.

● The layered chain of this product is
By connecting three round cutting chains into one, the three connected strings are naturally dried when worn.
I hope you can feel the unique charm of the chain drying differently every time you wear it.

●This necklace string is a cut and produced snake string chain.
If the chain is bent, there is a risk of breakage. If it is broken, AS is possible, but due to the nature of the chain, solder marks may occur, so please be aware of this.
Exchanges/refunds are not possible for these reasons.

● No.8 in Bminor is made of 99.9 Silver, so the discoloration period may be shorter than products with a low silver content (92.5 Silver, etc.).
When not wearing this product, be sure to keep it sealed in a ziplock bag.

Size: Pendant : 99.9 Silver / 12x19mm (오차범위 1-2mm) Chain : 92.5 Silver / 40cm + 3cm
Material: 99.9 Silver / 92.5 Silver
Artist Detail

No.8 in bminor(넘버에잇트 인 비마이너)는 존재의 가치 <미완성, 불완전, 불균형> 를 지향하며,
<결함의 경도> <미완성된 완성> 의 슬로건을 가지고 작업하고 있는 Handmade Silver Jewelry & composition art 브랜드이다.
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$ 126.85
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