fldjf Service Introduction & Manual Pack (without hologram pouch)
fldjf Service Introduction & Manual Pack (without hologram pouch)
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fldjf studio introduces fldjf Service Introduction & Manual Pack, which includes a collection of fldjf dancer Qhak's improvisational gestures and symbolic objects. This also suggests guide to use the objects via E-mail or textmessage in 3days after purchase.

Keep our gesture service pack
and Use it, like dancer qhak!
When you want something but you really do not know what it is. At the moment, There are quite good things in front of you and somehow You start to feel Lonely...♥

Size: dimension variable
Material: Plaster clay, Brass, Paper, Sticker
Artist Detail

fldjf studio is a semi-virtual studio which has been ran by Boma Pak from 2014.

Studio attempts and suggests the ways 'to have a light'. We have competed to grab a light without partners. Sometimes, We've relatively got victories in our own competitions. To deal with the feelings of lose and detachment when we see reflecting lights, We try to make copies of the consuming feeling. Because we are interested in cheap things, replacements regarded as no love. We make copies via various mediums.
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