KoKo Table - Circle
KoKo Table - Circle
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Product Detail
This product is one of the Coco Table series. It is a high-gloss painted product and has the same shape as the existing Coco Table, but the finishing color is different. Inside, mixed wood was used

Size: 100 x 100 x 73 cm
Material: High-gloss coated on mixed wood
Artist Detail

‘Taxa’ is a project that selects, manufactures and introduces the artist’s furniture.
Taxa is a small plant that grows in rice fields in Korea. Although it is small in size and has a rustic appearance, it is used medicinally.

Like a plant that fulfills its purpose without being flashy, we want to make furniture that will remain silently but firmly in one corner of our space.

Starting with furniture, we plan to present a variety of objects connected to the space.

“Calm and strong,Breathe with your space”
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