[Moiré series] Pond Table_blue
[Moiré series] Pond Table_blue
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when two layers of the organza silks are overlapped, it looks like waving with the viewpoint, which is called moire phenomenon because of the loose plain weave of them. Chulan Kwak designed 'moiré series' applying this effect to epoxy resin and wood.
The pond table is designed to allow the user to feel a small pond in the living space by applying the 'moiré effect', which looks like a wave, to the top of the table.

Size: 150x80x43
Material: Maple, Organza silk, Epoxy resin
Artist Detail

Chulan Kwak wants to call himself a 'form-giver' rather than a designer or a craftsman. Rather than starting with a difficult concept, his activities are focused on presenting new forms of materials and techniques. Therefore, it is a very important point to renew the 'material' and its 'perspective' in his activities, and it is a driving force to move himself as a creator.
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$ 3,133.36
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