My Audio - Glam Gould - Drum Kits
My Audio - Glam Gould - Drum Kits
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My Audio
Glam Gould - Drum Kits

83 Tracks.wav

Sound sources, drum percussion...etc used in IT G MA REMIX, DOOROOGO and other masterpieces in the 3 EP and CIFIKA.


15 Kicks
11 Claps and Snaps
12 Snares
23 Percussions
12 Hats
7 FXs
3 808s

from 3 EPs <Sorry>, <WET>, <Nigiht Flight> and others.

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Glam Gould is an electronic music producer/DJ based in Seoul, Korea who introduced remix and original tracks through sound cloud in 2015. He continues exploring dream like sound scape, and poetic melodies.
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