Neo series_01
Neo series_01
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Product Detail
Neo series are the serise that rediscover the existing product's function of an aesthetic value and function as a furniture.

The 'wheel' which it first used in near B.C.3500 and still now, also it is the invention that helped civilization and mankind developed highly.
Distant past to present, we can understand that the 'wheel' is utilized widely in our real world.

Thanks to present development, present day of wheel has conquered functional defects such as safty problems, heavy weight problems, and thermal conductivity etc. Plus, getting rid of basic form it became to have diverse silhouettes.
Not only the 'wheel' which symbolize companies cars but also brands has their own unique characters.

Applying furniture's ability to wheel, using wheel's unique shape as an one texture, I introduce to you the 'neo series'.

Size: 500x300x450
Material: Aluminum
Artist Detail

서울을 배경으로 활동하는 아트퍼니처 작가이다.
'주관적으로 좋아하는 것'을 작업의 소재로써 사용한다는 것이 작업들을 관통하는 주제이다.
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$ 743.29
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