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Product Detail
The dictionary definition of cushion is an intuitive interpretation of comfort, and another unkind feeling, and is expressed in photographic work about the era of the PHOBIA.

This 0400jo's cushion is a
distance-keeping & Stay Home campaign.
Let's enjoy home life sensibly
It was made to order according to the purpose.

Washing method
+ Basically to prevent printing damage
The fabric must be turned over and washed alone in cold water.
Hand washing is recommended to minimize damage.

+ When using a washing machine, use a neutral detergent or wool shampoo.
Please use it and cannot use bleach or chlorine detergent.
Dehydration function is as weak and short as possible.

Size: M: 50x37 L: 66x34
Material: Polyester100%
Artist Detail

I try to express pragmatism with daily motifs.
: To express everyday pragmatism

0400jo is interested in the symbolism
of unique objects. I have been working on
how to write and read this in a social context. And building his own language in various media such as videos, objects, performances, and photographs.

04(0)Unknow. is there
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