<organization> Digital Snack
<organization> Digital Snack
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1) organization, association, flag
2) preparation, organization, sphere
3) structure

Muscles consist of thousands of muscle fiber bundles, which in turn are composed of thousands of muscle fibers. Muscle fibers are stimulated by chemical and electrical stimuli and carry signals that allow us to move muscles. It is like individuals bring society together.
Euljiro Kim attempted to capture this indispensable vitality, building a series of systems within the theme of "organization."

The moving paths starting from the smallest unit naturally create curves.
Natural and heterogeneous afterimages from the curves gather together to form a single entity, in which the work resurrects itself as a living material beyond its role as a symbol of imagery.

Video Duration : 1’33”
Package : Lenticular Card (QR code included), Biodegradable packing peanuts, Plastic
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Euljiro Kim studied visual design and sculpture in BFA.
With AfterEffect and 3D Maya, Kim works mainly work on video that represent his experiment of surface, kinetics or beyond, in which elements give life to images.
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