PICO time crystal edition
PICO time crystal edition
Limited Edition
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Product Detail
PICO time crystal edition. Video exhibition of published art and the data of unpublished work from 2013-2017 in Seoul created to be viewed in a gaming space <PICO>.

This is a DVD sculpture of VR contents from the solo exhibition <PICO> at Cheemiga in 2017. Laser cut clear acrylic pieces have been put together as a sculpture. 10qty is offered as limited edition.

This product is designed to make the DVD unusable.
<PICO> If you want to play and install the installation file at the time of purchase
You can receive it separately.

Size: 13.4 x 4.5 x 19.9
Material: transparent acrylic
Artist Detail

An artist based in Seoul, Korea.
Interested in tricks to implement techniques, hypothetical and abstract concepts, and likes new things.
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$ 232.50
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