playlist series_changes
playlist series_changes
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‘Playlist Series’ is a three-dimensional project about my music playlist as a conversion from sound into visual media.
This work started from a thought that I want to introduce my favorite music to other people.
I wanted to show it in the multi-sensory way over the simple delivery of information including the song's title or singer, imagining the atmosphere underneath the music and the way how speaker tells the story through the lyrics. With repeated listening to songs in my playlist, my emotions became three-dimensional structures that has specific texture through the process of changing abstraction
into the visual expressions, like shape, color, even size.
Through my works, I introduce music in a visual way to those who first experience it and suggest the way to look at the songs differently through the metaphorical expression of the producer for those who already know.
Just as many people can access certain music at the same time with music streaming services,
I hope that 'Playlist Series' will be a platform for connecting multiple people in different places ( singers, producers, and the public).
Based on this idea, the playlist series consist of fluidly shaped objects made from a plaster bandage in its main material, wrapped around the metal frame.
By maximizing the properties of the material, it has a strong durability and a unique texture expression.

Size: 50x67x172(cm)/작업 과정상 제품에 따라 상이
Material: steel pipe, polyurethane, plaster bandage, paint
Artist Detail

서울을 배경으로 활동하는 아트퍼니처 작가이다.
'주관적으로 좋아하는 것'을 작업의 소재로써 사용한다는 것이 작업들을 관통하는 주제이다.
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$ 718.77
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