STEIDL-WERK #24: "Collisions"
STEIDL-WERK #24: "Collisions"
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Author: Rose Wylie, Fraser Taylor
Publisher: WERK, Steidl
Pages: 392pgs
Format: 23.5×32cm
Binding: Softcover
Language: English
Date: April 2018

Rose Wylie
Rose Wylie is a British painter. She is an artist known for creating large paintings on unprimed canvas. Her paintings are animated not by specific narrative urges, but by a sheer sense of visual excitement.

Fraser Taylor
Fraser Taylor is a British painter and professor. His works are motivated by material investigations and conceptually explore issues of the body, land, and spatial representations of personal history, loss and recovery.

Steidl is led by Gerhard Steidl, who began working as a designer and printer in 1967 and started his own photo book program in 1996. Today, some of the world’s most renowned photographers and artists are part of the Steidl program.

Theseus Chan: the name may not inspire awe in the States, but in Singapore he’s known to many as the godfather of graphic design, a reputation he’s earned with a body of work that continues to challenge his peers and excite a younger generation. None of his projects shows this better than WERK, a self-published magazine Chan started in 2000 to experiment with design production. The covers are torn and spray painted, or patched together from the detritus of the production process itself. Pages are made out of cloth, laboriously die-cut, or stained with printer’s inks and oils to evoke the scent of printing.

Size: 23.5×32cm
Material: Paper
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