<TCR / Trans-Continent Railway> Digital Snack
<TCR / Trans-Continent Railway> Digital Snack
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Organic Beer's new song <TCR / Trans-Continent Railway> recorded about 50 minutes of continuous performance as one take. The sound area of the organic beer is divided into four and the members start playing in their own parts. As the performance progresses, observe the sound area gradually fading away, and record the resulting destructive power as a waveform. Those who want to hear the moment of the record should pay only for the ticket for the transcontinental train. However, in order to melt the landscape of this record in fashion shows, films, or movies, agreement with four members of organic beer is required later.

Sound Duration : 51’04”
Package : Lenticular Card (QR code included), Biodegradable packing peanuts, Plastic

* Music and Video pieces are available in mp3, wav, and mp4 format and they can be downloaded using the QR code included in the package. For commercial use, please contact info@ca-va.life. Unauthorized use may be punished for violating copyright laws.
Artist Detail

Organic Beer is a four-member music and art project group based in Seoul.
Members are Go woo (vocal, guitar, synthesizer), Ham Seok-young (guitar, chorus), Go dae young (KOI / bass), and J (Lee jae hyun / percussion).
They absorb punk, psychedelic, traditional Asian music, noise and ambient sound, and is expressing and building the sound of Organic Beer. The dark sound waves and visual images conveyed to the listener in the performance are sufficient to create a destructive impression.
They released an album <one take brewing; bug fixed> and appeared in the music scene in October 2016, the following series <one take brewing; settlement> was released in December 2017.

They are also active in non-music areas, with steady work, performances and shows.
They continue to invigorate the team by constantly disclosing the boundaries between music and art, experiments and non-experiments through individual and grouped discographies.
The sediment accumulated by repeating this process is the basis for building their own artistic domain.
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