The Box Series-Venus David Hercules
The Box Series-Venus David Hercules
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This work breaks the Venus Sculpture and colors it to express the feelings in a freer way. It is to reinterpret Venus and the Renaissance from my unique perspective rather than emphasizing their aesthetic value or historical background.

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Size: 50x28x30cm
Weight: 8.5kg
Material: Resin with matte finish
Artist Detail

After completing his Bachelor’s degree of Interior Design at the Hansung University, Lee Sol has been in the process of expressing his own world of visual scenes. In 2014, He began his art project named “Venus Mansion”, in which he establishes surreal scenes with a mixture of antique, Renaissance art and modern culture motifs.

Lee’s scenes are created through 3D rendering, often using vibrant colours such as bubblegum pink and turquoise blue. The bright colors make the scenes distinctly eye-catching and effectively stand out, especially on Instagram. Recently, Venus Mansion created a Portrait of Michelangelo’s David, featuring the motif from Ziggy Stardust’s album design.
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