Three legs bowl
Three legs bowl
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Body piece series

These are objects inspired by the human body.

Look into the interesting and beautiful body of posture, shape, skin surface, etc.

As each person has their own individuality, the objects have their own unique characteristics.

The skin, shape, and silhouette all have their own individuality.

The three legs bowl is a three-legged shape.

Size: 11 x 10.5 x 10 cm
Material: ceramic
Artist Detail

흙을 주재료로 형태와 사물에 대해 탐구하고 표현합니다. 함께하는 동안 특별한 순간, 특별한 생각을 하게하는 오브제를 만드는 작업을 지향합니다.

첫번째 프로젝트는 Body piece로 몸에서 영감받은 형태와 생각들을 다양하게 풀어내고 있습니다.
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$ 35.72
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