uduludul stool
uduludul stool
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Product Detail
Talks about new life born with abandoned thin
gs and wasted paper which are considered use
less. The frame of the work is easily abandoned
because of a slight lack of function, either by
our own person or by our actions. They're goin
g to be able to function again.
And then the hard part of life, like the rust, is
going to be wasteful paper, the crushed paper.
Create a paper clay. The skin is formed with p
aper clay.

There is no trash under absolute value.
I thought it was just wasted or useless. I'd like
to convey the message that the things were ori
ginally left behind by the combination of waste
and useless things.

Size: 35x27x42
Material: steel, clay paper
Artist Detail

Undefined Talk about the beauty of an undefined state.
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$ 222.64
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