Useful Chair
Useful Chair
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Product Detail
This lounge chair is included in the series of ‘The Useful Unemployed’, which relates to the actual story of the artist. The nomadic lifestyle of the artist was reinterpreted in the architectural scaffold, becoming a furniture that encounters a new space.

Size: 가로 78 x 세로 60 x 높이 69cm
Weight: 8kg
Material: Oak, Brass
Artist Detail

Sanghyeok Lee is a designer/artist who works on the attitude and actions of human through an object that brings out a experience of space within life. He is
interested in how e accept and decide through experiences of space that forms a city. The object links to its material, form, function, and meaning to imagine space and to experience the autonomy of space and action that creates a diverse atmosphere. He graduated in Design Academy Eindhoven, Netherlands, and currently lives and works in Berlin, Germany.
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$ 2,415.42
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