wish no.002
wish no.002
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Totem object consisting of three wire flowers, beads stems, and silver tags.

Wires made of small beads can be difficult to stand on their own. After you receive the wire, you need to shape it.

Size: 20*30cm (제품 특성상 대략적인 치수입니다.)
Material: Stone, wire, thread, beads, silver925
Artist Detail

insta : aossi.room

Aos Sí is making on a wish-fulfilled totem and doing a wish workshop based in seoul
Totem originated from the fact that the Indians considered certain animals, plants, and natural objects as sacred symbols of the group.

The Wish Workshop was created with the idea that individual wishes can be embedded in objects in the process of weaving them.
This is the act of creating a totem, a mysterious sculpture.
A wishful object can be a symbol of protection or supernatural power for someone.
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$ 109.49
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