LUNARBOX for cats
LUNARBOX for cats
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Product Detail
LUNARBOX is a new type of modular playground for cats that can be built upon freely. LUNARBOX can be used as a single unit or stacked and arranged into a playground for your cat to climb around on and chill in. The strong neodymium magnets keep the units connected when you put more than one together. LUNARBOX is made of birch plywood and comes in three different sizes.

*Only white color is available.

Size: Small: 29x29x29 / Medium: 39x29x29 / Large: 49x29x29
Material: birch plywood, steel, microfiber cushion
Artist Detail

We are design studio based in Seoul, South Korea. Design studio más was founded by designers who have experienced various designs in the UK for years. We make products that have beautiful aesthetic value and an efficient production process.

"más" means "plus". We are inspired by the connections between human, objects used by human, and spaces where human and objects coexist. Through this inspiration, we pursue to add the new relationship between human, objects and space to life with our words.
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