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Table Lamp | Design


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작품타입  Finished

It was created imagining a small house in a quiet snowy field. If you add lighting inside through a gap in the floor beneath the label, the soft light that leaks through the windows will bring warmth to the space.

The walls and floor are made of a soft material with a peachy feel.
The roof is made of fur fabric of an appropriate length, creating a winter mood.

The brightness of the light can be adjusted using a remote control, and it has a timer function, making it ideal for use as a mood light. You can create a softer glow by placing it in the included chiffon pouch. You can operate all three lights with one remote control. *Uses 3 AAA batteries (purchased separately)

*Department store LED mood light is included.*

*Component information*
House 1ea, product pouch 1ea, department store LED mood light (battery type) 3ea, remote control 1ea, light chiffon pouch 1ea

* Please keep this in mind when purchasing.
Occasionally, small debris may be contained inside the product. (refer to image)

This is an unavoidable situation that may occur during the process of inserting filler materials into the product, and is not a defect in the product and is not a reason for exchange.

In addition, please be sure to read the product precautions at the bottom of the page and purchase carefully.*

크기(cm) 및 무게

W15 x D15 x H21 cm





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